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Online Invasive Plant Database

Search this database for information on species that are invasive or have the potential to be invasive in Oklahoma.  Learn about which species could be found in your region or habitats. 


This database is a resource for anyone in the state for education and management of invasive plant species. The Invasive Plant Database is not a static list, but we will be continually updating as new information becomes available.

We have also developed a downloadable list of the plants in the database for when you want the information offline.


Conference Success!

We had a full day discussing plants, animals, and pathogens spreading across Oklahoma.

Conference Program and Speakers

PDFs of presentations will be available soon.

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Garlic Mustard (Alliaria petiolata)

Another invasive is creeping into Oklahoma - Garlic Mustard!

Garlic mustard presents a significant ecological challenge throughout eastern North America. Originally from Europe, it outcompetes native plants for resources, disrupting natural ecosystems. Its rapid growth and ability to thrive in diverse habitats make it a formidable invader. Garlic mustard releases compounds that inhibit beneficial soil fungi, impacting native plant growth.

Check out iNaturalist observations to see if Garlic Mustard has been found in your area!


Effective management strategies involve early detection, manual removal, and controlled herbicide use. The OkIPC is partnering with the Ozark Plateau National Wildlife Refuge to eradicate garlic mustard from their important cave tracts.  Join our newsletter mailing list to hear about future Weed Wrangle events!

Join us for another Weed Wrangle at the Ozark Plateau National Wildlife Refuge to pull garlic mustard from this important bat habitat!  Saturday April 6, 2024.

Register for the Weed Wrangle - free and includes lunch!

Oklahoma Thistles Webinar

Thistles of Oklahoma

Amy Buthod, OkIPC President, Botanist, Oklahoma Biological Survey, University of Oklahoma


Thistles and Noxious Weed Regulations

Priscilla Crawford, Conservation Biologist, Oklahoma Biological Survey, University of Oklahoma

Thistle Management

Jodie Crose, Field Scientist, Corteva Agroscience

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