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Oklahoma's Dirty Dozen

Least wanted plants in our state!


The Oklahoma Invasive Plant Council developed an educational poster to illustrate invasive species that are found throughout the state and cause harm both economically and ecologically. Invasive plants, such as these, have been either intentionally or accidentally introduced into the state. In many instances, knowledge concerning the invasive qualities of these 13 plants was not well understood until the plants were widespread and well established. Most of these species will never be eradicated from these established populations, but early identification of their presence in non-invaded areas could help prevent their spread and successful establishment. 


Students in the Ecology of Invasive Species class at Oklahoma State University contributed descriptions of each species, their history of invasion, their community and ecosystem level effects following invasion, as well as a brief overview of potential control methods. This circular is not intended to provide complete instructions on control of these invasive species. Additional information can be obtained by contacting OSU County Extension Educators or the authors.

The invasive Callery Pear

The problem!​​

The callery pear (Pryus calleryana) is a medium- sized tree that has commonly been used as an ornamental due to its’ showy white flowers in early spring and beautiful fall foliage. This rapidly growing tree provides shade around homes and commercial property and birds consume the fruit. There are both thorned and thornless cultivars. The Bradford pear or Chanticleer pear are common cultivars that show resistance to disease and pests and tolerate a range of environmental conditions.

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