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Citizen Scientists are Oklahoma’s front line defense against invasives.


The OK Invasives initiative pulls together the efforts of people across the state to educate our citizens on the problem of invasive species.


How do we battle this problem?  The first step in fighting invasives is knowing your enemy’s location.  OK Invasives encourages citizens throughout Oklahoma to find and report invasive species in the places they live and work.  The data collected from observations will be used by land managers to plan and eradicate infestations before they take over the landscape. 


How can you help?

  • Learn the target species in your area — read up on the common terrestrial and aquatic species in Oklahoma.

  • Submit your observations to a global database

    • iNaturalist - a simple citizen science app for any type of biological observation

    • EDDMapS - a mapping system to document invasive species and pests

Oklahoma's Noxious Weed Law

The spread of noxious weeds is a problem facing many landowners in Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Noxious Weed Law declares Musk, Scotch, and Canada thistles to be noxious weeds and a public nuisance. All landowners whose property is infested with these thistles are required to control the thistles on their land. Failure to do so can result in an enforcement action and/or fine being assessed.

There are currently no funds available to assist landowners with the cost associated with the control of these thistles. However, landowners are encouraged to contact Oklahoma State University Extension for recommendations on a plan of action.

Individuals wishing to report thistle infestations that are not being controlled can file a complaint with the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry. The landowner will then be notified and informed about their responsibility.

Learn more about these species:

Fact Sheets

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