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Laura Goodman, President
Natural Resource Ecology and Management
Oklahoma State University

Jodie Crose, President Elect

Field Scientist

Corteva Agriscience

Karen Hickman, Treasurer
Environmental Science Program, Director
Oklahoma State University

Rebecca Theodorakos, Secretary
Regional Biologist
Bureau of Land Management

Amy Buthod, Immediate Past President

Oklahoma Biological Survey

Oklahoma Natural Heritage Inventory

Robert Bebb Herbarium

The University of Oklahoma

At Large Board Members

Class of 2023-2024
Brandon Gibson, Tribal Alliance for Pollinators
Chris Hise, The Nature Conservancy
Steven Smith, Noble Research Institute

Class of 2024-2025
Elaine Gainer, Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation

Paul Koenig, Clean H2O LLC

Jay Pruett, Conservation Consultant

Jamie Smith, Choctaw Nation

Blane Stacy, Oklahoma Conservation Commission

Conference Committee Chair

Priscilla Crawford, Oklahoma Biological Survey

About the

Oklahoma Invasive Plant Council


Mission:  Facilitating education and  management for protection of our economic and natural resources.



  • Businesses/Industries:  agricultural, horticultural, landscape, aquacultural, wildlife, tourism, forestry, and recreational

  • Landowners and managers: private and public

  • Agencies:  federal, state, local

  • Native American Tribes

  • Non-profit organizations:  conservation, agricultural, and land management

  • Institutions and Programs:  education, research




1.     Increase awareness through education about invasive plants, focusing on:

  • Sources of invasives

  • Economic and ecological effects of invasives

  • Recognition of invasives

  • Prevention of invasives

  • Early detection and rapid response to invasives

  • Control and management strategies for invasives


2.     Encourages legislative and regulatory improvements that increase invasives control effectiveness.


3.     Promote greater coordination between all entities engaged in or affecting invasives management.


4.     Serve as a clearinghouse for invasives management strategies.


5.     Identify and encourage sources of funding for invasives education and management.


6.     Identify invasive species and assess their potential threat for Oklahoma.


adopted 29 September 2009 by the OkIPC Officers and Board of Directors, revised 16 December 2013

Past Presidents

Karen Hickman, 2009-2011, 2014-2015, 2019-2021
Environmental Science Program, Director
Oklahoma State University

Russell Stevens, 2018-2019
The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation

Priscilla H. C. Crawford, 2015-2017
Oklahoma Biological Survey
University of Oklahoma

Jay Pruett, 2011-2013
formerly with The Nature Conservancy – Oklahoma Chapter
Conservation Consultant

Bruce Hoagland, 2007-2009
Oklahoma Natural Heritage Inventory
Dept. of Geography, University of Oklahoma

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