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Brittle Naiad

Najas minor

Description: herbaceous, aquatic annual with stems that can grow 4-7.75 in. (10-20 cm) long. These stems can be up to 0.04 in. (1 mm) thick. The oppositely arranged, dark green leaves become recurved as they age, and have serrulate margins with 7-15 small teeth on each side. The leaves measure 0.2-1.25 in. (0.5-3.5 cm) long and 0.007-0.05 in. (0.1-1.2 mm) wide. Oklahoma has a native species of naiad that is not brittle, does not have stiff leaves, and does not have teeth on the leaf edges.


Ecological Threat:  Has the ability to form thick stands that can cover or clog a lake or stream.


Biology & Spread:  This plant is extremely brittle, which allows it to fragment and get moved via boats, waterfowl and river channels. Waterfowl readily eat and move this plant from waterbody to waterbody.


In Oklahoma:  The McClellan-Kerr Navigation channel has several small populations at public access points.

ManagementAquatic Weed Management, OSU Extension Factsheet

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