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Albizia julibrissin


Description: Albizia julibrissin is known as the pink silk or mimosa tree.  These trees are invasive from Asia and can grow 5-12 meters tall. Mimosa trees have flowers that are dense pink inflorescences (silk-like) throughout the summer.  This showy and fragrant flower is what makes Albizia julibrissin popular as an ornamental plant in parks and gardens. The bark is almost smooth in texture with an ash coloring. The leaves are fernlike deciduous, alternately arranged, with bipinnately compound leaflets.  This tree can produce a fruit which is a flat brown pod that is about 10-20 cm long with several seeds inside.  


Ecological Threat:  This tree grows well in various soil types.  The mimosa tree has the ability to grow in disturbed areas as well as along roadways.


Biology & Spread: Mimosa trees can reproduce vegetatively as well as by seed.  These trees grow well along riverbanks and due to the nature of their seed pods can shed and be dispersed down river. The seed coats are impermeable, allowing them to remain dormant for many years.  These trees grow rapidly under good conditions and take advantage of disturbed areas.


Threat in Oklahoma:  Because the mimosa tree can grow in many soil types, produce a large number of seeds, and resprout when damaged it is a competitor to native species in open areas or on forest edges.

Management: Problem Horticultural Plants


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