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Parrot Feather

Myriophyllum aquaticum

Description: This Amazon River species is an aquatic perennial with stout stems. It prefers high nutrient content freshwater and warmer climates.  The leaves of this invasive are finely divided, pale green, and occur mostly in whorls of five. Though much of the plant is submerged, leaves and stems emerge from the water surface. 


Ecological Threat: This invasive can form dense mats that compete with native aquatics. 


Biology & Spread: Parrot feather is spread vegetatively from either whole plants or fragments. 


Threat in Oklahoma: This invasive provides a habitat for mosquito larvae, has the ability to clog drainage ditches, and can cause problems for boats.  Significant infestations are at Clayton, Carlton, and Sportsman Lake.

Management: Aquatic Weed Management, OSU Extension Factsheet


Additional Information: Problem Horticultural Plants, OSU Extension Factsheet

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