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Ravenna Grass

Saccharum ravennae



Description: This is a bunchgrass with cane-like stalks.  The stalks can be 6-12 feet tall with a basal area several feet in diameter.  Ravenna grows in clumps and develops a diffuse root system.  This plant can be identified by the white vein running the length of the bottom of a leaf.  These leaves are bilaterally serrated and have fine hairs. 


Ecological Threat: This grass can form monocultures that outcompete native plants. This grass can anchor soils that traditionally shift and can act as a physical barrier to stream flow.


Biology & Spread: This plant grows in moist areas.  It can grow in a variety of soil types and in varying levels of sun. Lightweight seeds disperse easily by wind and water.  Ravenna thrives in disturbed areas, especially riparian habitats. 


Threat in Oklahoma: This grass can block water flow and outcompetes native vegetation.

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Invasive Plant Atlas of the United States

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Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants


Early Detection & Distribution Mapping System

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